My Tips if You Love Horse Racing

Horse RacingPretty much every time when I converse with my buddies about my passion for horse racing, people get very excited or at least they pretend that they are.

It doesn’t take a minute or two that someone then asks me about some good, working strategies and horse racing tips. Well, normally I should feel honoured every time this happens…

However, there are a number of problems with that. But let me explain.

If someone asks you about good horse race strategies it is pretty much a given that the one who is asking is normally also new to horse racing. Otherwise they wouldn’t even ask, right?

There is really no specific system or “secret” racing tips one can use at the races. All those horse racing strategies that actually work are based on one thing, and one thing only: insider horse racing knowledge.

It is this knowledge about the performance of horses on particular tracks under whatever particular circumstances which allows a professional to make a decent prediction on what horses might possibly have the best chances and which one would not. Obviously, this is not something a normal person can do since it requires many years of studying the races. It is a true profession which really is entirely different from your average guy who goes to the track maybe once every two weeks.

Now you understand why being new to the races and having an actua working strategy sort of contradict each other. But here’s the good thing: some professionals in the British horseracing scene are actually giving away their knowledge, sometimes for a fee, sometimes for free. In other words, you can obtain a working horse racing strategy that is based on knowledge from someone who already did all the hard work.

Before I knew about the horse racing pro I was like most others at the track: I mostly lost my money and those few times when I won it was always rather meagre. (Hint: never bet on everyone else favourites!). But you can get a subscription for his horse racing tips and this helped me big time – I can highly recommend them to you!

New Sports Medicine and Leisure Centre for Sheffield

Finally, the construction for the new sports medicine and leisure centre in Sheffield has begun. The centre’s location will be right by the Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre in Norton.

According to the city’s council, the £16 million project will be one of the city’s biggest investments in the last decades.

The centre will be the new home for one of the three hubs of the U.K.’s national centre for sport and exercise medicine.

Among the amenities in the centre will be in the tennis courts, a Olympic size swimming pool along with several other fitness and health facilities.

The centre is expected to be opened next year.

Camping: See The World Without Spending Lots Of Money

my camper vanMaybe you are like me: I cannot stay at one place for a long time. Sooner or later I will get the “travel itch”.

I want to see all those places I’ve never been to or visit those great destinations again I have already seen.

Obviously, if you love to travel, money can be a problem. This is especially true if you go on holidays like most other people do where they book into expensive hotels or travel resorts.

But here is the deal: You can see all those places at a fraction of the cost if you go camping instead. Not only is camping a lot cheaper, it has even more advantages I want to talk about right here.

For me, the best thing about camping is that I can go on travel adventures whenever I like. I can go to places other people may not even ever see since I don’t rely on a specific location where there is a hotel. I mean, there are campgrounds almost anywhere!

When you are on holidays where you stay in a hotel you’re always limited in some ways. You cannot even get up and get yourself a nice breakfast and tea unless you go to a restaurant. I don’t have this problem with my campervan. I can cook my favourite meal at all times of the day or night. If I’m tired of one place I can drive to another in a heartbeat. For me, travelling in my campervan is just so much better in many ways.

Now, if you’re strapped for cash, a campervan is ideal because you don’t even need to buy one. You can always rent a nice van when you feel that you want to go on holidays. Camping vans come in all sizes categories today from simple to luxuries. So if you only plan to go somewhere for a weekend where all you need would be a place to sleep you don’t need the latest luxury model, you can rent a simple campervan for little money such as from VW camper van hire UK which I personally can recommend to you.

Camping today so much fun, why not give it a try for yourself?