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What Makes a Good Fitness Gym?

fit-girlMost fitness gyms may look more or less the same at first glance, yet there can often be big differences if one takes a closer look at what they offer.

One of the biggest differences when we are talking about gyms is in regards to whether a gym has the right staff on site that can offer competent and helpful advice.

By and large, many of the cheaper gym chains in the United Kingdom don’t really have a priority on that. What they do is want to sell you a membership – and that is it as far as their concern about your personal fitness and well-being.

It is clear that a qualified trainer on hand can make a big difference, in particular if someone doesn’t have enough experience with exercising. How would you know about the best routines for your body or what type of equipment to use if you don’t have any help in that regards?

In my opinion, the best gyms are those where you know that there is a trainer on-site that can help you. Obviously, this type of advice should be included in the price for your gym membership.

Recently, more gyms are also having offering complete training classes. What this means is that you can attend a class that’s dedicated for a particular goal, say weight loss, and there is of course always a trainer present that will teach the attending  fitness buffs about the best exercises.

So if you have a chance, make sure the gym you choose offers any of the above, either a trainer or fitness classes or possibly both.

The above fitness tips are brought to you by London Fields Fitness, your Hackney gym for a fitter and healthy body!

Fitness: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Feet

Foot steppingA lot of people, when they do exercising have a tendency to ignore their feet. They may be using all kinds of fitness exercises, a treadmill or other equipment where they target various parts of their bodies –  yet the feet are mostly not getting the attention they would need.

Health experts point out that a quarter of the body’s bones are in our feet and ankles. Pretty much our entire bodies foundation ‘n stability depends on them. This is where movement begins.

Health expert and fitness author Katie Bowman to the press: “The feet are perhaps the most neglected complex structure in the body.

According to a recent study by the American Podiatric Medical Association, eight in 10 Americans have experienced a problem with their feet at least once in their lives. Worse, the study also showed that 25% of adults are unable to exercise due to foot problems.

The spokesmen of the APM Dr Howard Osterman  points out that foot problems are mostly due to overuse: “We don’t need the toes to have the dexterity of fingers but we do need some dexterity,” he said. “We need the muscles to have strength.”