Private Schools and Sports

World Sports Day - London
Schools in the United Kingdom can differ greatly, especially if we are looking at what a particular school has to offer when it comes to sports.

It is from my own search for a good school for my children that I came to the conclusion that private schools are a lot better in this regards.

I don’t know how many schools be investigated, but I would guess it must have been at least 10 different schools here in our vicinity. No single one of the state schools we looked at could impress us with their sports offerings.

A lot of those public schools only allowed a couple of hours of sports per week for the children. Many of the schools did not offer any additional classes and courses beyond that.

Very few of the public schools had modern,  up-to-date sports facilities and those who had them often didn’t maintain them well.

The picture was quite different when we researched some of the better private schools in the UK. Not only did we find that they by and large gave sports a much higher priority compared to state schools, they also offered the children a lot more sport activities in general.

For example, our youngest loves soccer. There was only three schools where he can join a soccer team and those were private, independent schools.

Now, it may well be that sport is not that important for your family. If it is, on the other hand, you should probably take a closer look at the private schools in your area. You will be surprised how those schools are often a lot better for sports than our public schools!

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